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Covering Mindset Shifts, Character, Theme, Plot & Scene Structure, and the Most Common Writing Pitfalls


Each module is split up into bite-sized lessons so you can move at your own pace and absorb the information one baby step at a time.


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Revising a novel is tough. Stories are complicated, intricate things with a lot of moving parts. I figured after reading The 24 Hour Outline some writers could really benefit from getting more extensive teaching as well as some hands-on coaching from an expert to transform their novel.

In order to be successful as an author you need the right mindset, the right tools, and the right guide. The 24 Hour Outline Course packages all 3 of those key elements into one program.


In addition to doing a deep-dive into the framework taught in The 24 Hour Outline Book, you'll also learn everything else you need to know to write a damn good book

The 4 Damaging Mindsets Keeping You From Success

How to Force Your Character to Change

The 2 Cheatcodes to Building a 3-D Character

The Secrets of Subtext

4 Strategies to Make Any Info-Dump Interesting

The 3 Essential Ingredients to Creating Meaningful Relationships

The Truth About 
Show vs Tell

How to Write Prose That Pops

The Key to Writing Colorful Dialogue


Note: Depends on the package

6 Module Course

We'll be breaking down character, theme, plot and scene structure in addition to tackling topics like info-dumping, dialogue, subtext, show vs tell and more!



Outline and Synopsis Review

I will personally review and give feedback on your outline and/or synopsis to ensure your story has strong bones before you start writing



On-Demand Trainings 

I'll be giving tips and tricks to combat specific issues on-demand as well as analyzing critically-acclaimed and popular stories to see why they work so well and how they exemplify the principles in my framework.



Editing On the First 3 Chapters

I will developmentally edit and polish the first 3 chapters of your novel to ensure you hook readers or a literary agent by the lapels and set up the rest of your story for success.



Templates, Resources & Tools

You'll receive templates, tools resources to help you with every aspect of your novel from character creation to outlining.



TOTAL VALUE: $5,000+
Price: $1200 
($200 discount automatically applied on this page)

One-Time Payment
  • Framework - 5  Module Course
  • Supplementary Trainings
  • Templates
  • Tool & Resource Recommendations
  • 3 FREE Bonuses

No More Relying Solely on Inspiration. No More Writing Prompts. No More Desperately Begging For Answers On Reddit, Quora, or other Writer’s Forums.
Just a Simple Framework.

I’d find myself writing consistently for a few days or weeks, followed by months of crippling Writer’s Block.

Because of this it would take me 6-14 months to finish even a single draft…

I found myself running into roadblock after roadblock, constantly getting stuck partway through a chapter or scene…

I had no idea how to tie all of my story threads together so my story was cohesive.

Even worse, my characters had no personalities, my dialogue was flat, and my pacing was all over the place…

Every draft required tons of extensive, made-me-want-to-yank-out-my-hair editing...

And then after all of that work, I would read the latest version of my manuscript with disgust, knowing it was still so far from where I wanted it to be.

I won the 2020 Tony Morrison Prize for Creative Writing along with a hefty cash award.

I got more full manuscript requests from top-tier agents in two months than the previous 2 years combined. Word got around, and I even had agents reaching out to me about my work…

Agents, editors, family, friends and beta readers showered me with praise, waxing poetic about my characters as if they were real flesh-and-blood people…

Most importantly, for once, I found myself riveted by my own writing, and actually proud of the story I had created!

What was my secret?
Developing my own, unique Ultimate StoryHacking Framework for writing novels, informed by my years working at some of the top literary agencies in NYC, being mentored by NYT Bestselling authors, and analyzing hundreds of stories to see what works and why.

“It’s like being handed the shortcut to writing a good story on a silver platter!”

–Everyone who writes their story using my framework instead of #strugglebus

Obviously, I can’t promise that you’ll enroll in the course and repeat my success. It took a lot of hard work, study, dedication, and banging my head against the keyboard a couple of times.

But it does work. 

And not just for me!

How Would Your Writing Life Change If Every Day Looked Like It Does For Many of My Clients?

Check out what they have to say...

Want to Get Feedback and Reviews Like This?

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you…results like this don’t always happen. I’ve been doing this story coaching thing for 5 years. My clients get awesome results because we work together and they trust my guidance. Some people don’t put into action what they learn, and so they achieve no success. All novels require hard work, persistence, and a willingness to learn and grow.

But for those that are willing to put in what’s required, I can show you how to transform your novel using a simple framework that works.

🔥 🔥 🔥 

We'll do an extensive deep-dive into everything covered in the 24 Hour Outline book in addition to learning:

  • The amazing 3 step system that transforms your novel from lackluster and underwhelming to UN-PUT-DOWN-ABLE
  • The 2 keys to writing a powerful story (no one talks about this!)
  • The 3 essential ingredients to writing meaningful relationships
  • ​How writer’s block, getting stuck, and other common issues are symptoms of a larger disease–you NEED to get to the root or your book is doomed.
  • ​How psychology and emotional intelligence are the KEY to unlocking a powerful novel (you won’t hear this ANYWHERE else)
  • How “hacking” other stories can be the key to getting you unstuck (this will blow your mind)
  • The truth about fiction and why almost everything you’ve heard about writing novels is DEAD WRONG!
  • How to deftly balance a novel with multiple POVs (it’s ESSENTIAL you get this right!)
  • Why almost everyone gets Theme wrong and how you can avoid that deadly mistake (this can make or break a story)
  • ​The simple audit that takes all the guesswork out of what to cut out of your manuscript without losing quality
  • 4 sneaky little tricks you can use to immediately get rid of Writer’s Block!
  • Why the best way to write your novel is backwards and inside-out
  • ​The mindset that holds most writers back and the 3 shifts you NEED to make to be successful in this business
  • How to make your info-dumps engaging and exciting rather than boring the reader to tears (this trick is practically UNHEARD OF)
  • Want to write like Sorkin? Learn how to make your dialogue spring to life with these 2 easy techniques
  • How to almost instantly write a beautiful outline – even if you’re a hardcore pantser and allergic to structure!
  • ​The 2 secrets to forcing your character to grow. This will make writing so much easier!
  • How to overcome pre-writing paralysis without banging your head against the keyboard
  • What subtext is and why it’s absolutely necessary for producing a powerful story
  • A little known shortcut if you think you can’t build out a character arc from scratch (this will make your life SO much easier!)

The Best Part?

The course will continue to be added to and updated and you get access to all future videos as well. The course will only become more comprehensive and robust as time goes forward.

You Also Get 1-on-1 Coaching and Personal Feedback From Me

I will review your outline and/or synopsis and provide feedback. 

I'll also do a developmental edit on some chapters from your manuscript (if you join the Accelerator), and give you detailed commentary on how to improve as well as an audit of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

You will also be able to join my office hours held multiple times a week where you can ask questions, get clarity and get more help busting through any writing roadblocks that stand in your way!

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Here's an overview of the course


If you're on this page, it means you already purchased The 24 Hour Outline book. 

In the course, I'll be teaching some of the same information, but it'll be much more extensive, specific and detailed.

We'll also cover a host of topics NOT addressed in the book, such as:

- How to deprogram yourself from damaging false beliefs
- How to transition from outlining to drafting
- Common writing pitfalls and how to avoid them
- A deep-dive into the nitty-gritty of writing (exposition, dialogue, pacing, etc.)

And more!

Module One: 
Founding Principles

We'll start off by establishing the true purpose of storytelling. Then I'll break down 4 limiting beliefs holding you back from success as an author.

Module Two:

Discover how to write kick-ass characters from the inside out, force them to change over the course of a story, and build meaningful relationships between characters.

Module Three:

Dive deep into Theme, the glue of your novel, and how you can reinforce it so it's at the heart of the character arcs, plot and conflict. Learn common pitfalls on this tricky subject.

Module Four:

Learn how to arrange your plot so that your story is engaging, propulsive, and constantly being pushed forward. Never get stuck partway through a chapter again.

Module Five:
Writing Mistakes

In this module you'll discover the right ratio of showing vs telling, how to add layers of meaning to your novel through subtext and how to make your prose pop.

Module Six:
Breaking Into Traditional Publishing

In this module you'll learn the secrets to getting your foot in the door of the hyper-competitive traditional publishing industry.

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BONUS #1: Get Instant Access to my Exclusive Facebook Community

Want to continue to receive free training and be in community with other like-minded writers?

My Facebook group is only for those who have been introduced to my framework through the 24 Hour Outline book or course.

I give tips and tricks every week along with a video training. You can also find critique partners and get my personal recommendations for writing resources.

BONUS #2: Top 10 Amateur Writing Mistakes

Top 10 Amateur Mistakes breaks down the 10 most common mistakes I come across in my client's manuscripts (and in the manuscripts I reviewed while working for literary agencies in NYC). This gives you nuts-and-bolts tips, techniques and exercises to bust through your biggest writing roadblocks.

BONUS #3: Roadmap For Publication

You will receive a roadmap with next steps for publication. It will include everything you need to know about traditional and self-publishing, help you choose the route that is most aligned with your goals, and then give you concrete advice on how to get your book out into the world.

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Would you like to join them?

"Destiny's ability to give spot-on feedback and articulate themes is incredible. No way in the world I would've been able to get my manuscript to this point without her coaching. Honestly, I almost didn't enroll because of the price but it was worth every penny and more!"


"Launching my first book in 2 months! This is crazy because I was giving up on this manuscript but Destiny convinced me to keep at it. She always says you can turn any novel around and she was right! Couldn't have done it without her though. If you're thinking about the course--get it. Best investment you'll make in your career as a writer."


"I started this course with half of a messy draft and no idea where my story was headed. Destiny's feedback on my manuscript was invaluable. She pointed out exactly what was broken and why and then gave me super helpful advice to fix it. Not only has my book done a 180, but I've grown significantly as a writer!"


"I've always wanted to write a book but didn't know where to start. I did the whole pantsing thing but just found myself staring at a blank page for hours. This course broke down how to write a novel in a way that made sense and helped me get over that initial writer's block. With the framework, and Destiny's coaching, just finished my first draft. 80,000 words in 8 weeks--I never thought that was possible. And it's GOOD!"

One-Time Payment
  • Framework - 5  Module Course
  • Supplementary Trainings
  • Developmental Editing
  • Templates
  • Tool & Resource Recommendations
  • 3 FREE Bonuses

You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

What Makes Your Framework So Special?

The way most people write a story is they come up with an idea for the plot and then create characters to fit the constraints of the plot. They start with what's going to happen in the beginning and then go on from there. This is a recipe for disappointment. This is why you lose track of where your story is heading partway through. Or why the middle of your novel is sagging. This is why you get stuck halfway through a scene. Why your ending drops the ball…And why the story never turns out as good as it seemed in your head.

My framework teaches the best way to write a book--by creating strong, active, nuanced, three-dimensional CHARACTERS and then building the plot around them. But that method ain't gonna work if all you know about your characters is their hair color and their name. In order to write a damn good story the easy way, you need to know your characters from the inside out. Then you craft the arc of the theme and plot to mesh perfectly with your character arcs.

But I'm Writing Literary Fiction/Women's Fiction/A Character Drama, Will This Still Work For Me?

Yes, this framework will work whether you're writing a high-octane thriller, an epic fantasy novel, or a grounded work of literary fiction. The stakes could be as high as saving the world or as low as someone saving their cat from a tree. The essential elements that make up a good, powerful story are universal and work for any genre.

I'm a Pantser, Will This Still Work For Me?

Absolutely! I'm a pantser myself. If you want to start the novel without having any idea what's going to happen be my guess. But once you have the first draft on paper, you should use my framework to write an outline that keeps the most important elements of your story while also giving it good structure. All good novels need structure--whether you want to apply it on the frontend or the backend is up to you.

How Will This Stop Writer's Block?

Ah, Writer's Block, the scourge of writers everywhere. This framework guides you through the story creation process organically in such a way that each piece builds on the pieces that came before it. It helps you map out your novel on the global story level all the way down to the scene level. Since Writer's Block is usually caused by not knowing what should happen next, this framework effectively prevents that from happening.

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